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SatProgram AProgram BProgram CKids Cantina
10:00 AM Welcome to L.I. Geek Phryne Fisher Fandom: The Sequel David Weber's Honorverse and how you can become a part of it Lego and Coloring (Open Play)
Star Wars Trivia
11:00 AM The Walking Dead Survivor's Support Group Treat Yo'Self! at the Parks and Recreation Panel The Period Piece Panel Pika-Pom-Poms (Craft)
12:00 PM Richard Kahan Interview Big Bang Theory Trivia For the Love of Gaiman: In Print and on Film Padawan Training
1:00 PM Robert Mukes Interview Doctor Who's Brigadier Allistair Lethbridge Stewart Outlander Books to TV Adaptation: What helped and what hurt Captain Planet Earth Day (Craft)
2:00 PM Throne Games with Miltos Yerolemou Hollyweird Science Rebels, Rogues, and Ruffians: The New Face of Star Wars Ollivander's Wand Making (Craft)
3:00 PM Playing in a Sandbox: A Conversation with John Peel Miss Nerdstiles, Cat Smith Performs The Geek Kids Guide to Life  
4:00 PM Felix Silla Interview POW: The History of Superhero Movies Norman Lear: A National Treasure Cartoon Trivia (Game Show)
5:00 PM Outlander Commentary by Richard Kahan Valentine DayZ with Robert Mukes Breaking Bad/Better Call Saul: Here on Gilligan's Isle  
6:00 PM Water Dancing Interactive demonstration with Miltos Yerolemou Long Island's Tesla Science Center at Wardenclyffe  
Geeky Mini Golf
7:00 PM Unspeakable Horrors: The Plan 9 Conspiracy Making A Comic When You Don't Know What The Heck You're Doing
8:00 PM The Multiverse Masquerade Pyramid of Fandom
9:00 PM Screening Doctor Who Season 10 Episode "Smile" A History of Horrors: Remakes, Reboots and Returns Marvel at the Movies  
10:00 PM   Instant Reaction to The Doctor Who Season 10 Episode "Smile" Wigging Out: The Art of Wigs
Doctor Horrible
11:00 PM Carrie Fisher F**k Yeah  


SunProgram AProgram BProgram CKids Cantina
10:00 AM Game of Thrones: Winter Is Coming An Appreciation of Sherlock Holmes Nevertheless, She Persisted: 20 Years of Buffy the Vampire Slayer Lego and Coloring (Open Play)
11:00 AM Tomorrow is Yesterday: The Future Past and Present of Star Trek Long Island's Tesla Science Center at Wardenclyffe Twin Peaks Lil' Fannominal Puppeteers (Show and Craft)
12:00 PM Robert Mukes Interview DC on TV Charity Auction Battle of the Houses
1:00 PM Felix Silla Episode Commentary Outlander: Calling All Doughtlanders NBC's Hannibal: A Retrospective Padawan Training
2:00 PM Miltos Yerolemou Lights, Camera, Action Movie Roundup 2016-2017 Honey I Shrunk My Fandom!! (Craft)
3:00 PM Richard Kahan Interview Wheel of Fandom Aaron Sorkin Twist-a-Story (Performance)
4:00 PM Felix Silla Interview The Prisoner: A 50th Anniversary Celebration Star Wars: The Sequel Trilogy So Far Kids Costume Parade
5:00 PM L.I. Geek's Tribute to Richard Hatch Trailer Park 2017   Lego and Coloring Pages (Open Play)



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