Gaming Schedule


10am - Deadpool Battle Yahtzee

12pm - X-Wing Blind Box Battle Royale Event, $10, Get a random $15 ship, Learn to Play, Equip your ship, Fly, Survive, Win or Lose you take home your ship! Stop by at the Game Master Games table in the Vendor's Hall for details.

1pm - Star Trek: Five Year Mission

2pm - Ticket to Ride

2pm - The X-Files

4pm - Apples to Apples

5pm - Settlers of Catan

5pm - Battlestar Galactica

7pm - Ca$h ‘n Guns


11am - The Walking Dead: The Board Game

12pm - Munchkin

1pm - Splendor

2pm - Dominion

3pm - Carcassonne

4pm - Buffy the Vampire Slayer: The Board Game




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