Fan Groups

LI Geek welcomes the following fan groups to our convention

U.S.S. Britannic NCC-71818 (Star Trek Fanclub)

We are a Long Island, NY-based Star Trek fan club and proud to be a member of STARFLEET: The International Star Trek Fan Association, Inc . This chapter, located in Region 7 , is set during the Next Generation feature films and Voyager timeline. On U.S.S. Britannic, you create the persona of a Starfleet officer serving on a starship where you will meet new friends and engage in the many activities our chapter, Region and organization has to offer.We host monthly chapter meetings and participate in such events as film fests, BBQ’s, movies, parties, trips to NYC, gaming, and of course — gathering in uniform for local as well as out-of-state conventions.

Saber Guild Endor Temple The Long Island, New York chapter of Saber Guild

Saber Guild is a not-for-profit, LucasFilm-recognized Star Wars costuming group that specializes in choreographed lightsaber shows. We perform at charity and community events, as well as comic book and sci-fi conventions, all to raise money for charity and share our love of Star Wars with fans around the world.

R2D2 Buiders Club of New York -- The international community who build their own replica robots from the Star Wars universe brings a gang of droids to L.I. Geek. Go to, the Official Website of the R2 Builders Club for more info.

Zen Productions performing a special Saturday night Shadowcast of Doctor Horrible

ZEN Productions has been performing shadowcasts as well as live stage plays since its inception in 2009. Its subsidiaries The ZEN Room (Rocky Horror Picture Show cast) and Zydrate Enthusiasts Network (REPO! The Genetic Opera cast) have performed numerous shadowcasts along with Dr. Horrible’s Sing-A-Long Blog, and Little Shop of Horrors. Featured at cons such as Steampunk World’s Fair, Wicked Faire, I-CON, LI-Con, Lunacon, HELIOsphere and Dark Side of the Con, they are proud to celebrate 8 years of shows in 2017! They are very excited to round out their "It Came From Long Island" Tour here at LI Geek!



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